April 2005

A trip to Devon primarily to see a house extension built using Styrostone, a type of Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF). This is very new stuff - polystyrene Lego(TM) blocks placed and then filled with concrete.

And is that Mike approving the use of such radical technology? Surely not, he's a sceptic, isn't he?

The drains are now laid, both inside and outside the house.

The retaining wall holding up the neighbour's garden seems to be working a treat.

The driveway looks huge.

The ditch by the side of the lane has been re-dug to aid drainage.

The topsoil in the field has been spread out again now that all the spoil has been buried.

Now I'm just waiting for the grass to grow back.

The ten Sweet Chestnut trees I planted in March are all showing signs of life.

Every tree in the orchard planted last year seems to be alive and well too.

I planted six Cobnut trees earlier this year too and all are sprouting.