August 2007

The first completed room! It's only the loft comprising the MHRV (Mechanical Heat Recovery and Ventilation) system.

Ceiling frames are installed downstairs.

Meanwhile the interior designer demonstrates some of her conceptual ideas.

Shortly afterwards she finds she has plenty of spare time on her hands...

What's that coming down the lane?

Is that a sheet a glass?

It's coming this way. What is going on? All the windows are already installed.

Looks like the shower screen for the big bathroom.

More deliveries of blocks. Will that driveway ever be clear?

And concrete beams too as the terrace construction commences.

Another delivery by telehandler...

This time its the hot water cylinder.

What a beautiful wall (all my own handiwork - not bad for someone who's never laid a block before).

Plasterboard inside (the kitchen diner in this case).

And top coat render makes the house look more complete.

Blocks delivered for the new outbuilding.