January 2007

I have been promised big things for the New Year. The builders have finished their other major project and more resources will be made available to make progress on our house.

Firstly, I knocked down the old shed (a reminder for those who have not seen it before):

And afterwards:

We have some fascias and soffits being installed. These are made of Douglas Fir and will be treated with Danish Oil to protect them from the elements.

And the fascias in detail...

Most of the building now has at least one coat of render.

The remaining doors were delivered ready for installation. Hopefully it is now only a matter of weeks before we are weatherproof.

I started my gardening. This is a trench where I will shortly be planting a willow windbreak 85 feet long.

And the first asparagus of the year is already coming through, a couple of months early.