July 2007

By July we had the underfloor heating pipes installed upstairs and the floors screeded...

The landing and bedrooms:

The Games Room:

The small upstairs bedroom:

And the boys still appear to be working in the bathroom:

Works starts to clear the site where the old outbuilding stood in preparation for its replacement.

And it's nearly ready for the concrete slab already.

While the digger is on site we start work on the terrace at the front of the house.

Digger Dave loves his job.

Trenches are dug to support the beam and block terrace structure.

The outbuilding base continues to be prepared with shuttering and sand.

And a big hole is dug for the water treatment plant.

And subsequently filled with a water tank and lots of concrete.

The base is finally ready for the reinforced concrete raft foundations.

And poured.

And levelled.