May 2006

After a lengthy delay whilst structural calculations were performed on all aspects of the roof and steel frame, work finally got going again in May with the arrival of the beam and block upper floor.

The upper floor going on over the kitchen/diner and dining room.

And over the rest of the ground floor of the main part of the house.

The lounge is now fully enclosed and the inglenook fireplace has been built to support the chimney and the steel frame.

The kitchen/diner is taking shape, with one steel beam visible which will be clad in timber to make a feature.

The master bedroom and balcony are starting to take shape and is shown by the differing floor levels.

The crane continues to move building materials onto the roof.

.... onto the second half of May....

Erica inspects the new shower space in the master bathroom.

The chimney is built up and also some external walls are going up around the upstairs rooms. The large hole in the floor marks the place where we hope to have a staircase one day.