November 2006

By November the slates for the window cills had been delivered.

Most of the windows were installed.

And some preliminary electrics were installed in preparation for the arrival of the wind turbine...

On November 22, the wind turbine finally arrived, just 8 days before the grant expired.

It managed to negotiate the lanes, even if the driver did get lost for a couple of hours.

Builder and I holding a couple of the blades (it's bigger than expected).

We enrolled the assistance of a local farmer to transport the equipment across muddy fields.

And to put it in place on the foundations.

The turbine is in place ready to be connected...

... and have the blades attached.

And finally, a work of art (with the house in the background).

The view of the wind turbine from the house.

And some more electrics arrived to enable us to sell the excess back to the National grid. We now own a "power station".