September 2005

The builders are back on site!!!!!!

After a lengthy delay since the groundworks have been completed (nearly six months) due mostly to my inability to make a decision, I think, we are finally in a position to build the shell.

First things first, we'll need some more trenches.....

As part of the process of burying the overhead cables that threaten to block our lovely views we have dug a trench from a new post at the top of the first field...

...around the caravan...

...through the field..

...across the garden...

...and up the a new post by the lane.

We then dug another trench to allow the supply of telephone and electricity to the house, and also to connect the borehole (and possibly the wind turbine in due course) to the house.

I wouldn't want to be trying to get to that caravan in the middle of a wet night.

Then they decided they had to dig up half of my existing foundations to put in new pads for the steel supports.

Apparently planning in advance would have saved some effort (or something like that).

Hopefully we'll have some structural components going in next time I'm on site (and maybe we'll be getting those trenches backfilled!).