September 2006

OK. I've got bored of waiting for the roof to be put on so started thinking of other things that could be done inside.

The fireplace seemed like a good idea. Within a week we had half a fireplace.

A few days later it is apparently complete (subject to cleaning).

The roof has been counter battened and a membrane applied (in places).

The Oak trusses and purlins are in place in the Games room and the three dormers can be clearly seen.

They must remain covered until the roof is on because the rain will damage them.

The front of the house is in a similar state.

By the second week of September the fireplace has been completed. This will now be covered to prevent damage and we won't see it again for a while.

The roof is now taking shape on the last part of the building.

The Oak trusses are still wrapped but soon they will be protected from the weather.

The roof on the games room is nearly complete.

By the end of the month we have had a lot of field groundworks completed.

This includes the slinky trenching for the GSHP (to the left of the picture) and the power supply from the wind turbine (through to the second field).

The foundations for the wind turbine are in place. Now we just need the meter indoors and Proven will come and install the turbine.

The GSHP slinkies are buried. I have been promised photos by the builder as I wasn't able to see them laid myself.

The roof is about complete. I have been promised that the felt and batten will be complete by my next visit (early October).

Then at least we can get rid of that plastic sheet.